About TATO

TATO’ is an American Neo-Expressionist/Abstract painter that relocated from the West Coast to New York City in 2003. Growing up in Southern Oregon, Tato found a life mostly in the country where she entertained herself with wildlife and performed skit scenes for the local kids in the neighborhood. She studied ShakespeareanTheater at SOUTHERN OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY, where she was able to take the stage. Tato surrounded herself with her poetry writings and paintings that she would merge into one.

Relocating to New York was a big decision for Tato but it was important to her to be around creative minds such as her own. You would be able to spot the artist in the dark corners of a cafe or bar, gathering her thoughts and absorbing the energy to reflect onto her canvas in her waterfront apt. Tato has been creating her inventory of collectible paintings for a number of years. She uses robots in her paintings along with nudes silhouette abstract paintings full of color.

Her technic is different in that she uses her raw fingers to transfer her emotions on a blank canvas.  She describes her paintings as if she were reaching for a lost lover or in an isolated cave with colors you can see even with your eyes closed.

She also has incorporated the thought of cremated ashes mixed with acrylic to Express the beauty of one’s passing into an art form that can be celebrated and remembered by friends and family. This can be cremation with human or animal ash.

Tato’s creations express her sexuality, pain, and imagination that flows through her at all hours. She has private buyers that look forward to her new collections as the paintings are placed in the heart of the city.  She has been holding art shows throughout Manhattan theaters, galleries, shoe designs, and fashion attire.

Tato has been compared to the late French artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.  Here’s where her career is headed. She is currently releasing a men’s and women’s fashion line that includes, men’s and women’s’ suits, scarfs, handbags, and jewelry in her 2021 show in Berlin, Germany with JJ Ramz that will debut in New York as well. She is also working with a local designer of New York to launch some men’s fashion in February 2021

Her artwork will be featured in cafes and restaurants through the boroughs of New York She has started to paint murals for struggling restaurants to brighten the Neighborhoods’ spirits up due to covid.

Messages that are portrayed throughout her art.

Always create; it’s a form of completion of oneself.